So I created my blog a little over a month ago, and as you can see it has taken me that long to sit down and actually start to use it!

When I got into work today I was doing my usual; searching the web, catching up on the latest sports news and celebrity gossip. I also, try to devote 15-20 minutes per day to read through some motivational quotes or blogs, it helps me get my mind straight for the day that lies ahead of me. This morning I decided to read through the motivational quotes of the great Jim Rohn. The Rohn quote that really caught my attention this morning was, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.  You know I always thought I had the motivation, maybe I don’t; but the habit is the piece that I having been missing the most. 

Habit is something that can guide you in your everyday activities. How many of you just can’t seem to get motivated to start a new workout program, get fit, start a clean eating diet, grow a Herbalife business? I know I have been guilty of at least one, if no tall. But once I did build up the motivation to hit the gym or go on a run, I would usually keep at it, for at least a couple of days!! Now, I know its not the motivation that keeps me on track! It is creating that habit. That habit is what is going to create the results that you want to see, it is that habit that is gonna make you want to do it, it is that habit that is going to motivate you, and make you want to continue that workout routine, that blog post, that business adventure, that clean eating diet; and actually see it through the end. 

So no matter what your journey may be get motivated about the adventure and create that habit that keeps you motivated to finish your journey!

All comments and feedback are welcome and very much appreciated!